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    EnvSolutions aims to provide info on a wide variety of available solutions and alternative improvements to the existing status quo regarding the improvement of our environment. If you have a product or idea that relates to this intention, then by all means feel free to contact and share info with the rest of us. 

Example of a sustainable environmental solution

Making use of dead space

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  1. admin says:

    The traditional planting of fruit and nut trees on rocky outcrops on farmland is a wise way of making use of available land which would otherwise be of little use regarding the growing of broad acre crops.
    The rocks collect enough water to maintain the tree without outside help so are self sufficient. The trees produce a harvest of fruit or nuts and they look pretty in the spring flowering period. The crop can be harvested for the farmers use or once fallen can provide extra feed for sheep or goats.
    Also the tree can provide shelter to a variety of both wild and domestic animals. The trees also attract bees which pollinate the fruits, aiding honey production and the pollination of surrounding plants. Everyone’s a winner! For me, this is a good example of a sustainable environmental solution.

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