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    EnvSolutions aims to provide info on a wide variety of available solutions and alternative improvements to the existing status quo regarding the improvement of our environment. If you have a product or idea that relates to this intention, then by all means feel free to contact and share info with the rest of us. 

Environmental Issues

Issues to be addressed in company environmental policy

An environmental policy may be referred to as an established and recognized statement of a company’s stand on environment that it is operating in. It is the foundation of the firm’s aim in reducing its carbon footprint, reducing waste, lowering dependence on packaging, enhancing efficiencies on infinite natural resources in all the company’ s departments and its operation.

Every environmental commitment should be put as part of the company’s normal activities. It should be communicated precisely to all the employees, forming a part when it is applying for ISO 14001certification, or when considering registration under EMAS scheme.

All the external and internal communications need to be succinct and simple to understand by the people it is intended for, and for which this environmental policy applies. The outline should be similar to the mission statement of a company in that it is set on a sheet of an A4 paper which contains the main commitments which the policy embarks on. All the ambitions need to be achievable, measurable, time bound and realistic. (A task has to be completed on a specific date).

Though there are no legal requirements or basic structures for environmental policy, there are main areas which should be contained. It ought to have major objectives the firm is pursuing, the person who is accountable and how the goals are going to be achieved and by which person.

All current issues the green lobby tries to tackle and global warming problem ought to be covered in what each facet of the business covers. They may be supplies and stationery, transportation and improved efficiency. Among the objectives should be minimizing waste and improving efficiency. The other one can be cooperating with like-minded companies and continual improvement. The policy need to be invested in the company’s suppliers and employees.

The climate change from global warming, rise in sea level from land degradation and cliffs and as a result of land falling into sea and melting of icebergs, overusing fossil fuel and the effects of vans, cars and lorries in the society should be in the policy.

The other environmental issues that should be taken into account include genetic erosion, Holocene extinction event, fragmentation and destruction of the habitat, decline of pollinators, invasive species and both coral washing and bleaching.

Concerning rivers, the environmental issues that should be considered include the entire impacts of rivers diversion and building of dams. If the business is to do with fishing, then all these factors should be considered: the overall effects of fishing and overfishing, illicit, unreported and unregulated fishing, ghost nets, cyanide fishing, blast fishing and bottom trawling.

Development of renewable energy, energy conservation, using and commercialization of energy are some of the issues to consider. Others are to do with land. Intensive farming that includes overgrazing, issues to do with irrigation and environmental effects of the production of meat should be considered. The land degradation encompasses desertification, land pollution, soil erosion, soil conservation, soil salination and contamination.

The company’s policy should consider light, thermal and air pollution. Water pollution covers acid rain, oil spillage, water crisis, ocean dumping and eutrophication. The other main environmental issue is toxins. The toxin issues include chlorofluorocarbons, DDT, dioxin, herbicides and pesticides and toxic waste

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Saving Planet Earth : Documentary on the Science behind Saving the Earth’s Environment

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Absonutrix RADIANT YOUTH Phytoceramides Matrixyl L-Ascorbic Acid (30 patches)


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Alfred 00-0531B The Clean-Up Kids - Music Book

Alfred 00-0531B The Clean-Up Kids – Music Book


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Breast Health Formula Life Extension 60 VCaps


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Candidase 84 caps


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Charlie’s Soap, Soap Booster & Water Softener


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Classroom Complete Press CC5782 Culture- Society Globalization - Erika Gombatz

Classroom Complete Press CC5782 Culture- Society Globalization – Erika Gombatz


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Clif Bar Energy Bar, Variety Pack, Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch, 2.4-Ounce Bars, 24 Count


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Earth Day Child Plants Tote Bag by Spreadshirt

Earth Day Child Plants Tote Bag by Spreadshirt


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Earth Day Every Day Men's Premium T-Shirt by Spreadshirt

Earth Day Every Day Men’s Premium T-Shirt by Spreadshirt


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