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Monocrystal Solar

Instapark? 30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

Eton Raptor Solar Charge Emergency & Shortwave Band Radio

Eton Raptor Solar Charge Emergency & Shortwave Band Radio


The solar-powered, trail-ready, smartphone-charging shortwave radio Product Information The Eton Raptor Solar Charge Shortwave Band Emergency Radio is a radio, cell phone charger, shortwave radio, and more. Not only does the Eton Raptor tell you the basics of your journey, but it can also take pressure readings so you can be aware of changing weather, tell you how high you’ve climbed, and it can wake you up in the morning so you can continue your trek. When it gets too dark to continue, enjoy local AM and FM radio stations or use its flashlight to find your supper. It even has a bottle opener so you can crack open a cold one and relax. It charges in the sunlight, so you don’t need to worry about charging it while away from electricity. When you get back home, use its rechargeable battery to enjoy inside as well. Product Features All-terrain, all-in-one – In addition to the solar smartphone charger and radio functions, it’s got guidance features galore. With an altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass, chronograph, LED flashlight, and even a bottle opener, the Raptor is an indispensable tool for trailblazers and travelers. Listen up – Stay in tune and up to date with this AM (MW)/FM/SW digital radio with display and alarm clock. If you want more than just the radio, there’s an AUX-input to play your own tunes, and when you want to listen alone, just plug in your favorite headphones. More power to you – Take the Raptor in the sun or use the DC jack with mini USB cable to charge the Raptor’s built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Say hello – To charge your smartphone, simply plug it into the USB port. Power will automatically dump charge? to your phone, just like plugging into the wall. Great for emergency calls or texts on the trail. On the go – Clip the Raptor on to your pack with the built-in carabiner and don’t worry about it getting wet-it’s splashproof (IPX-4). Uses Monocrystal Solar Panel with Solar Charge Indicator Solar powered USB cell phone charger

Gama Sonic GS-94S Victorian Solar Lamp & Post

Gama Sonic GS-94S Victorian Solar Lamp & Post


Light your business or home walkways and driveways with attractive, energy-efficient Gama Sonic Solar LED Lamps. Automatically turn on and off for dusk-to-dawn illumination. Super-bright LED lights last for seven years or more. Proprietary prism design allows for better light dispersion. Rust-resistant, black, aluminum powder-coated frames require no maintenance. Beveled glass lamps add elegance to your driveway or walkway. Include mono-crystal solar panel and lithium ion battery. Battery lasts for two years or longer. Manufacturer 1 year warranty. Victorian Solar Lamp & Post 111100. Bolts included for mounting post. Comes with one Li-ion battery and connector. Brightness is equivalent to 35 W to 40 W. Expected hours of operation – 10-12. Please Note – Post is included on this model.
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