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Supersocket Receptacle

X10 XTSR227 X10 SuperSocket Wall Receptacle Module

X10 XTSR227 X10 SuperSocket Wall Receptacle Module


This device is great for those areas of your home which have high visibility. The XPPA011 features a controlled outlet at the top of the receptacle. The lower outlet is not controlled. Both outlets are rated at 15 amps (total). The SR227 responds to On/Off and All Units Off, but not to All Lights On, or, Dim/Bright commands. The control components are built-in, so X10 Lamp Modules are not necessary. Controlled devices may still be turned off and on with their own switches. Note: Wallplate included. Specifications Rated up to 15A 110 VAC total load. Local control can be achieved by switching the load’s ON/OFF switch once or twice. Does not respond to All Lights ON command.
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